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7 ways to keep your GOTR Girl active this summer!

Posted 6/8/2015 | Impact
7 GOTR ways to keep your kids active this summer!

Physical Activity Guidelines released by the federal government last year recommend that children do at least 60 minutes of aerobic, muscle strengthening, and bone strengthening activity per day.  Try motivating your kids to keep moving during summer break with the following tips:

1. Turn off TV and devices and limit the viewing/play time. It’s easy to turn to electronics as occupiers of time during the summer. Set boundaries to balance screen time with MOVEMENT time! Example: 20 minutes on the Kindle = 20 minutes outside playing jump rope!

2. Create structure and routine to their day. Get them moving in the morning by having a daily task that is their “job” with a healthy afternoon snack selection as a reward for job well done!

3. Check out FREE family activities offered in our community! Get the kids excited about events by printing a calendar for them to chart and remind you about family adventures! Visit our pals at for ideas:

4. Make physical activities fun! PLAY! Have a family dance party! Keep moving with your kids and ask yourself every day “Did I laugh with my girl today while doing a physical activity together?” Set down your phone. Commit to it!

5. Keep toys like jump ropes, hula hoops, and sidewalk chalk handy! Challenge the kids to make their own scavenger hunt! Encourage them to pretend to be the “Coach”!

6. Get friends involved. Invite a special friend over on the same day every week! We are all on the same “Summer Parenting Team!”

7. Talk about the lessons they’ve learned throughout the Girls on the Run season. Have them create their own new lesson and have them “train” you to be joyful, healthy, confident, GOTR Superstars!

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